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Beautiful, powerful and mysterious, she was one of the Middle East’s most mythical figures in ancient times. Everywhere she went, she exuded a fragrant aura for which she became known far and wide. She was the Queen of Sheba or the Reine de Saba, as she is known in French.
A contemporary of Solomon, the king of Judah in the 10th century BC, she gave him a peace offering of sumptuous gifts such as frankincense, which the king had never seen in such abundance. According to the ancient tales, the exquisite scent she radiated made her irresistible.
The Queen of Sheba’s homeland held concentrates of solar energy that were the bountiful treasures of the perfumery of antiquity: perfume trees.
Her kingdom, which extended from the southwestern Arabian Peninsula, modern-day Yemen, to Eritrea and to northern Ethiopia, owed its wealth to an essential resource for the ancient civilizations: fragrant resins, especially frankincense and myrrh, which later took on a central role in both religious practice and perfume-making.
An aromatic dream became reality with its magnificent fragrances that made use of the gems released by its fragrant resins frankincense, myrrh, labdanum and balsam, which today are combined with the most precious woods and flowers: cedar, sandalwood, styrax, patchouli, rose, jasmine, tuberose, lily and more, and with spices such as cinnamon and cardamom, and the scent of amber.
REINE DE SABA line of perfumes promises to transport you back to Arabia Felix with alluring fragrances that will take your senses on a dreamlike journey.
From the Queen of Sheba’s Incense Route to the Nabateans, the Roman Empire and finally the shop on Rue Marbeuf, the history of the land of Sheba has endured across centuries and will live on as it continues to transmit the legacy this emblematic figure bequeathed to us.

Annick Le Guérer

Anthropologist and Historian of scents and perfumes

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At Reine de Saba, we are dedicated to authenticity and originality, inspired by the legendary Queen of Sheba and the rich history of perfume-making. We honor our roots in Yemen, using native raw materials to craft fragrances that speak of centuries-old traditions, yet resonate in the modern world.

Our vision is to create a perfumery garden that shares the enchantment of fragrances with the world. As we embark on this journey, we are guided by principles of love, friendship, and beauty, believing they transcend all boundaries. We provide perfumers with freedom to create, while ensuring our brand’s uniqueness and quality remain uncompromised.


Our Parisian perfume boutique presents the exquisite Queen of Sheba perfume cap, designed to adorn our finest fragrances. This cap embodies royalty, sophistication, and timeless elegance, drawing inspiration from the legendary queen’s mystique.

The cap’s intricate design showcases a stunning replica of her headdress, adorned with dazzling jewels. Each gemstone, carefully selected and placed, reflects a different facet of her personality and reign, ensuring that the cap is not only a luxurious accessory but also a work of art steeped in history.

Adding the Queen of Sheba perfume cap to your fragrance collection brings an air of sophistication and allure. It elevates the perfume experience and serves as a conversation piece at gatherings, capturing the essence of the enchanting queen.

Indulge in the luxury and mystique of this regal accessory, exclusively available at our esteemed Parisian boutique. Let your senses be enchanted by the captivating essence of the Queen of Sheba, and embrace the elegance and history of this magnificent perfume cap.

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