Reine de Saba’s Discovery Set

Parfum Intense 10x1.5ml - 50,00 

Discovery Set – 10×1.5ml. Purchase includes a voucher equal to the set’s value, redeemable on your next full-size fragrance.

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The Essence of Legends

Unveil the essence of history with the Reine de Saba Discovery Set. Each of the ten fragrances is a tribute to the enchanting aura of the Queen of Sheba, a figure shrouded in beauty, allure and wisdom. Handcrafted by esteemed perfumers, this collection encapsulates the soul of ancient perfumery, infused with precious resins and aromatic jewels from the lands of Sheba.

Embrace this exclusive invitation to explore scents that are steeped in tradition yet resonate with contemporary sophistication. With each vial, discover a chapter of a story that transcends time – an olfactory journey that begins with you.

The Creators and Their Masterpieces

Aksoum Dominique Ropion

AKSOUM: A Scent of Majesty

Crafted by Dominique Ropion, AKSOUM marries vibrant citrus with voluptuous florals and a smoky wood base, capturing the essence of Sheba’s regal splendor.
Ambre Saba Sophie Labbé

AMBRE SABA: Mystical Ambergris

Sophie Labbé fuses the mystical depth of ambergris with the warmth of incense, crafting an olfactory homage to ancient traditions with a modern twist.
Balqis Reine de Saba Nathalie Lorson

BALQIS: Majestic Floral Sophistication

Nathalie Lorson captures the Reine de Saba’s mystique with a vibrant blend of magnolia, osmanthus, and a bold patchouli finish​.
Firmenich Alberto Morillas

ENCENS SABA: Timeless Incense

Alberto Morillas crafts a scent transcending gender, blending spicy black pepper and sweet orange with a heart of Damask rose, leading to a smoky incense finish.
Esprit Saba Michel Almairac

ESPRIT SABA: Olfactory Elegance

Michel Almairac‘s creation, ESPRIT SABA, unites ginger and elemi with a heart of rose and patchouli, culminating in a luxurious blend of cedarwood and vanilla.
Légende de Saba Maurice Roucel

LEGENDE DE SABA: Rose's Regal Power

In LEGENDE DE SABA, Maurice Roucel captures the queen’s strength through the majesty of rose, spiced with cumin and clove, and softened by amber and leather notes.
Oud Précieux Olivier Cresp

OUD PRECIEUX: Oud's Rich Tapestry

Crafted by Olivier Cresp, this fragrance weaves guaiacwood and copahu balsam with the legendary oud, evoking the splendor and mystery of Sheba.
Oud Oriental Saba Bruno Jovanovic


Bruno Jovanovic‘s creation fuses black pepper and saffron with a heart of cedar and oud, embodying the opulence of ancient Sheba.
Reine Makeda Anne Flipo

REINE MAKEDA: Elegant Spirit

Crafted by Anne Flipo, this perfume marries mandarin and violet leaf with a floral heart and a warm, woody base, echoing Sheba’s elegance.
Sagesse de Salomon Carlos Benaim 2


A creation by Carlos Benaïm, blending pink pepper and mandarin with floral iris and a leather-amber finish, embodying wisdom and allure.

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