Reine de Saba’s Discovery Set #2

Parfum Intense 10x1.5ml - 50,00 

Discovery Set – 10×1.5ml. Purchase includes a voucher equal to the set’s value, redeemable on your next full-size fragrance.

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The Essence of Legends

Unveil the essence of history with the Reine de Saba Discovery Set. Each of the ten fragrances is a tribute to the enchanting aura of the Queen of Sheba, a figure shrouded in beauty, allure and wisdom. Handcrafted by esteemed perfumers, this collection encapsulates the soul of ancient perfumery, infused with precious resins and aromatic jewels from the lands of Sheba.

Embrace this exclusive invitation to explore scents that are steeped in tradition yet resonate with contemporary sophistication. With each vial, discover a chapter of a story that transcends time – an olfactory journey that begins with you.

The Creators and Their Masterpieces

Meabh Mc Curtin Parfumeur Beauté de reine

BEAUTÉ DE REINE: Enchanting Floral Symphony

Meabh Mc Curtin crafted Beauté de Reine with a luminous blend of neroli, gardenia, and sandalwood, inspired by the legendary beauty of the Queen of Sheba.

Mathieu Nardin reine de saba

DIVINE TENTATION: Splendor of the Orient

Mathieu Nardin‘s Divine Tentation blends rum, cinnamon, and vanilla, capturing the Queen of Sheba’s realm’s amber and spicy opulence.

Firmenich Honorine Blanc nb

EXTRAORDINAIRE SABA: Majestic Incense and Leather

Honorine Blanc‘s Extraordinaire Saba melds olibanum, cypriol, and leather, capturing the Queen of Sheba’s strength and beauty with rich woody notes and sensual balsams.

JARDINS DE SABA: Desert Oasis Reverie

With Jardins de Saba, Fanny Bal captures the contrasts of Yemen with jasmine sambac, aldehydes, and patchouli, evoking a journey through lush, aromatic valleys.

Alex Lee nb

MERVEILLEUSE SABA: Journey of Noble Elegance

Merveilleuse Saba from Alex Lee evokes the Queen of Sheba’s legendary beauty and power, blending bergamot, rose, and black tea for a scent that journeys through time and tradition.

MIRAGE SUAVE: Dreamy Desert Oasis

Nelly Hachem-Ruiz‘s Mirage Suave blends anis, rose damascena, and myrrh, capturing the enchanting contrasts of Yemen and the mythical allure of Arabia Felix.

OASIS SABA: Enchanted Desert Journey

Domitille Michalon‘s Oasis Saba marries mandarin, orange flower, date and patchouli, evoking the mythical contrasts and lush beauty of Arabia Felix.

Reine de Saba logo effet dore 2

REINE DE MIDI: Bold and Refined Elegance

When crafting Reine de Midi, Paul Guerlain combined saffron, tuberose, and sandalwood, embodying the Queen of Sheba’s assertive and sophisticated personality with a luxurious, sensual fragrance.

ROSE EXTATIQUE: Radiant Desert Bloom

Crafted by Véronique Nyberg, Rose Extatique harmonized May rose and cardamom with the depth of black tea and vetiver, evoking the Queen of Sheba’s luminous and elegant facets.

Jean-Christophe Hérault - Parfumeur

SECRET DE MUSC: An Enigmatic Allure

Jean-Christophe Hérault intertwines musky ambrette with spicy pink pepper and a woody vetiver base, embodying the mysterious seduction of the Queen of Sheba.

39 in stock